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Western Tour

YES, we’re heading WEST! We look forward to driving our message through five key states: Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, and Arizona.

This tour will cover a lot of ground and we’ll also add in a few fun stops in: West Virginia (Charleston), Kentucky (Louisville), and two unratified states (Missouri, St. Louis and Utah, Salt Lake City and St. George).

The schedule below is a draft. Based on our experience with two VAratifyERA tours we expect some date/location changes as plan the details.


Sat, Sep 26: Charleston, WV (tentative)
Sun, Sep 27: Louisville, KY (tentative)
Mon, Sep 28: St. Louis, MO (tentative)
Tue, Sep 29: Kansas City, KS (tentative)
Wed, Sep 30: Lawrence, KS (tentative)
Thu, Oct 1: Manhattan, KS (tentative)
Fri, Oct 2: Driving Day- 8 hours to Denver (tentative)
Sat, Oct 3: DAY OFF (tentative)
Sun, Oct 4: Denver, CO (tentative)
Mon, Oct 5: Denver, CO (tentative)
Tue, Oct 6: Littleton, CO + Boulder, CO (tentative)
Wed, Oct 7: Fort Collin, CO (tentative)
Thu, Oct 8: DAY OFF (tentative)
Fri, Oct 9: Crow Agency, MT (tentative)
Sat, Oct 10: DAY OFF (tentative)
Sun, Oct 11: Billings, MT + Bozeman, MT (tentative)
Mon, Oct 12: Helena, MT (tentative)
Tue, Oct 13: Missoula, MT (tentative)
Wed, Oct 14: Kalispell, MT + Whitefish, MT (tentative)
Thu, Oct 15: Driving Day (tentative)
Fri, Oct 16: Salt Lake City, UT (tentative)
Sat, Oct 17: St. George, UT (tentative)
Sun, Oct 18: DAY OFF (tentative)
Mon, Oct 19: Flagstaff, AZ (tentative)
Tue, Oct 20: Phoenix, AZ (tentative)
Wed, Oct 21: Phoenix, AZ (tentative)
Thu, Oct 22: Tuscon, AZ (tentative)
Fri, Oct 23: Driving Day (tentative)
Sat, Oct 24: Colorado Springs, CO (tentative)
Sun, Oct 25: DAY OFF (tentative)
Mon, Oct 26: Colorado Springs, CO (tentative)
Tue, Oct 27: Witchita, KS (tentative)
Wed, Oct 28: Des Moines, IA (tentative)
Thu, Oct 29: Cedar Rapids, IA + Iowa City, IA (tentative)
Fri, Oct 30: Peoria, IL (tentative)
Sat, Oct 31: Louisville, KY (tentative)
Sun, Nov 1: Boone, NC (tentative)
Mon, Nov 2: High Point, NC (tentative)
Tue, Nov 3: NC Celebration (tentative)

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